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          Zieh's injury in the warm-up game is worrying. Some people think that he may be a glass man and he can't get a foothold in the Premier League. In fact, the injury of the elite is not serious. The injury is related to his first show and will not affect the subsequent games. As a matter of fact, any player who has just joined the Premier League needs time to adapt, and there is no such thing as a premature assertion. Last season, zieh played 49 times for Ajax, scoring 21 goals and sending 20 assists. He was also the absolute credit for winning the Dutch cup and the Dutch league championship. He had no lack of experience in the war and foreign war. At the end of the season, ziekh scored 9 goals and sent 21 assists in 31 matches. It was absolutely amazing that he participated in one goal per game.

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          At present, the outside world has more expectations for Chelsea. Werner has increased the attacking ability of the front line of Chelsea. This fierce player scored 28 goals last season and is expected to continue the same strong performance this season. Zijesh in the previous warm-up game and Werner's tacit understanding


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