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          Another news is the normalization of IPO. Zhang Shenfeng, assistant vice chairman of China Securities Regulatory Commission, said: IPO should be normalized. At the end of the week, nine companies announced a financing amount of 4.4 billion yuan. In fact, this is a negative for the market, but for the securities sector, it may be a partial positive, because the securities companies benefit.

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          The Shanghai stock index continued the trend of consolidation today, closing down 0.38% to close at 3371.43. The highest point in the session rose to 3391.64, setting a new stage high again. A total transaction volume of 586.3 billion yuan was achieved in the two cities, with the rise and fall of the industry plate showing each other. It is worth noting that Vanke A shares bucked the market today and soared by 6.99%. It was once close to the trading limit and closed at 27.56 yuan, close to the new high in the year.

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          The reason why bitcoin is so popular in China is, on the one hand, related to the habits of the Chinese people, on the other hand, it is related to the current excess liquidity. It is not easy to say that the funds "get rid of the void and turn to the real". In the past decade, China's finance has been over developed. Internet finance, including mobile payment, has already overtaken European and American countries. The game of "money begets money" is irresistible. This is the root of risk control in the domestic financial industry. Bitcoin, to a certain extent, is the only "grey rhinoceros" that can be seen.

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